What air travel tips will keep me from looking like a zombie when I reach my destination?

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Answered by: Susan, An Expert in the Air Travel Essentials Category
Ah, air travel. It used to be a breeze - show up at the airport half an hour before your flight, check in, take a quick walk through security, and you boarded the plane.

Now, it’s like planning a major campaign to get from home to your destination. Here are some air travel tips to help you arrive refreshed and ready to go, instead of being mistaken for a member of The Walking Dead cast.

~ Start before you step on the plane. If you eat light the day before, and drink plenty of liquids, you’ll start your journey a giant step ahead. The air on planes is incredibly dehydrating, and spending ten plus hours in that dry, recycled air is going to leave you feeling like you slept in a desert.

~ Pack argan oil, or your favorite deep moisturizer. I swear by argan oil, and use it for every long haul flight. Whatever you decide to use, make sure it’s in your carry on, and easy to get to.

~ Drink water at the airport. Do what you can to avoid coffee, or alcohol. Both of them will zap your efforts. Order an iced or hot tea, with a side of water. If you are going to eat before you get on the plane, eat as healthy as possible. Avoid the long lines at the fast food options, and go for salad, a sandwich loaded with lean protein and veggies, or a bowl of soup.

~ Keep up the hydration. Buy the biggest bottle of water you can find at the airport, once you’re through security. (Try not to flinch at the price.) Once you are settled in your seat, take your first big swig, then get out your moisturizer. Take off any makeup you might be wearing - you’ll be applying fresh before you get off the plane. If you don’t have a spray bottle with water, use some of your drinking water, and pat your face until it’s nice and damp. Now, spread a thick layer of moisturizer on your face, and let it slowly sink in. Depending on how rich it is, you may want to repeat this halfway through a long flight.

~ Drink water the entire flight. You can switch off with juice, but avoid carbonated drinks, and alcohol. The carbonation will make you uncomfortable and bloated, and the alcohol could give you a headache you don’t want. As for eating - if you can, bring your own food, or choose a light meal, like vegetarian. Even then, airline food is going to be much less palatable than what you can bring from home, or buy fresh at the ever more popular healthy options available at the airport.

~ Get yourself ready for touchdown. If you’ve been drinking loads of water, you will have been to the bathroom a few times. That takes care of the need to move around during long flights. Now, it’s time to get ready for departure. Grab your toothbrush and toothpaste, a brush or comb, and your moisturizer. Do a quick freshen up in the bathroom - remember, there’s a plane filed with people wanting to do the same, so don’t take more than a few minutes. If you want to apply fresh makeup, you can do that at your seat, and take your time. Drink up the last of your water, put everything away, and get ready for the mad rush to stand in the aisle.

There you have it - the air travel tips that will leave you looking refreshed instead of deathly, even after a long haul flight. Follow these steps, and you’ll be ready to enjoy the first day of your vacation, refreshed and raring to go.

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